Monday, September 15, 2014

Basis Independent Brooklyn Opened Today!!!

Well, that's the opening date listed today on the school's online calendar .  I went over to Red Hook this afternoon to take a look, but there was nary a student in sight.  I asked a site worker if there were any classes operating today, and he chuckled softly.  No, there were not.  This was not entirely surprising given the current state of school construction.  Here are a few pics.

BASIS has a construction progress page on its website, but as of today it hasn't posted any updated photographs since July 20th.  You can see the way the school should look when completed here.

I'm no expert on the history and performance of BASIS, whether as a charter or for-profit model.  But I did find a recent online article on the organization, written by ed researcher Gene Glass.  You can find it on Diane Ravitch's education blog here.  I make no claims for or against its accuracy, but it's interesting reading ...

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