Monday, February 15, 2016

& Sons?

I took a walk over to 19th Street, to see what was happening at the big construction site at 196-204. They've got foundations in now.  Just up the block there's another green plywood fence in front of a building alteration in progress.  Both this fence, and the ones for 196-204 block most of the view of the rear building at 206.  Behind a more modern workshop, there's a smaller, older one with a cornice on which you can see  E.A. Mulle(n?) & ... Sons?  At first I thought it was & Sons, but now I think it could be something else. I've taken a few pictures before - maybe I can find one where the lettering is clearer. The brick structure is present on the 1903 E.B.Hyde map.  I've looked around to try and discover what business operated here, but haven't found anything out.  The most recent business listed at this address is Specialty Sheet Metal.  Perhaps there was a tinsmith here when the older building stood alone.


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