Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Step Forward: Increased Enforcement of Safety Regulations at Construction Sites

Amid Record Construction Boom, Mayor de Blasio Increasing Penalties for Safety Hazards, Launching New Enforcement Sweeps (Office of the Mayor)

Penalties for safety lapses to be quadrupled, now up to $10,000

Massive proactive enforcement sweep will target 1,500 sites over the next 90 days

City hiring 100 more inspectors, mandating construction superintendents at projects under 10 stories

... Smaller job sites, historically subject to less oversight, were responsible for the majority of workplace accidents last year. 70 percent of construction-related accidents in 2015 took place at sites smaller than 10 stories.

“As the representative of a community that has recently experienced a building collapse, I constantly hear from homeowners who are afraid that nearby construction is jeopardizing the structural integrity of their properties and their families’ safety. These resources are sorely needed to protect all New Yorkers and, in particular, workers on these sites,"
said Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr

It's a start.

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