Monday, February 22, 2016

On 7th

Remember the red wooden house that used to stand at 359 7th Street, off Fifth Avenue?  The house was demolished in 2013, and the lot was sold for $1,860,000.

The lot has been empty for three years, while plans for a four unit/four story building have faltered. Amended plans were approved earlier this month, so I expect there'll be some action soon.  The new architect is Gabriel Gingishvili, and the firm is MGM Creations Architecture.

"MGM Creations Architecture is young design firm who at its core true believes Architecture is the base of our every day lives.  Architecture at it's purest form inspires our souls, enlightens our minds and captures us as we travel thru our days.  The principal idea is to create our spaces with a simple structure following what we here describe as  the three F's of Architecture.  Form + Function + Flow." 

We doubt the building on 7th will look anything quite like Mr. Gingishvili's residential work in Mill Basin, but it's definitely worth a glance.

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