Friday, March 27, 2015


I finally got round to seeing A Most Violent Year, at a noontime showing in an almost empty theater.  In the restroom, after the show, there I was discussing the film with a movie-goer who'd been sitting a few rows ahead.  Moral ambiguity & liquid soap made interesting partners.
It's a great film, and for city dwellers, a location-spotting dream.  My favorite spot?  Hard to choose, but maybe the New Utrecht subway station, which appears in the movie at a moment of high dramatic tension.  This one's definitely up there in my subway station pantheon - an above-ground vision of romantic dereliction!

In the trailer, the station appears at around the 2:09 mark,

and here it is three years back. Does the 2012 station actually look more decrepit than the screen version of '81?  I think it just might ...

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