Monday, March 30, 2015

New on the Market

289 13th Street (above, center) is a new building with a retro facade.  It fits into the streetscape pretty well.  This one's taken its time to reach completion - and it's racked up a hefty number of violations (including stop orders) over the past eight years,  Issues include inadequate plans, working without permits & dangerous excavation work.  Adjoining property has been damaged. There are still nine open violations on file.
Unit 1R is another of those condo duplexes with below grade level space.  With a cellar.  1R has a backyard (a plus) but only one bathroom  (a distinct negative for a new condo of this type).  It's "exceptional," with two "large sunny bedrooms" (105 & 142 sf), and "sunny rec room."  The lower level is around 500 sf, and the main floor around 900 sf.  No exact room measurements given.
Yours for $1,599,000! (Douglas Elliman)


In front of the apartment

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