Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Retail Listings

A couple of other retail listings caught my attention yesterday, both for business space at 27th Street.  First, at Third & 27th, the Quick Stop Deli Restaurant, now closed, with its signs gone.  I don't know when it shut down - I passed by it often, & ate there in the fall, but the brutal winter didn't take me down that way much in recent months.  I'm sorry it's gone though.  Perched on Third, with expressway & subterranean avenue roaring at its doorstep, it radiated melancholic urban beauty.. The rental price for the premises is not disclosed, but the listing touts its proximity to Industry City, & suggests it might be suitable for fast food or "even bank."

An avenue up, at 775 Fourth, a larger retail space is listed for $11,500. On the listing site a photograph shows a furnishings store, but it wasn't the most recent tenant.  That was Jesucristo es el Senor, Iglesia Universal del Reino de Dios. Again, I'm not exactly sure when the church left, but I did walk by there a few weeks back and saw a lot of sidewalk action outside the building: either a move or a sidewalk sale taking place, with goods piled up on the sidewalk.  I guessed it was on its way out.

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