Friday, March 6, 2015

15th Bliss

Here's a small house in its own, non-material groove. Painted in vivid red and yellow, it hides behind trees festooned with Indian prayer flags. It's set well back on its lot, and below street level, and chain-link fencing demarcates its yard. It's the antithesis of yesterday's 12th Street house - just as old, perhaps, but without much left externally to show you how it once looked.  And that's fine too.  It looks supremely indifferent to the high-price, high-pressure realty deals taking place around its borders. This one's got another style of living figured out completely!



Robyn said...

That house used to be a Tibetan Buddhist center for about a year or so - closed maybe in early 2014. It was in rough shape, a couple of monks fixed it up and ran it but now it is just a residence. I think the actual center moved to Sunset Park.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thanks! - I wondered if it was some sort of religious center. Interesting that the flags are still there.