Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Accurate Photo on the Move

I was looking at online commercial listings this morning, and noticed that the tiny Accurate Photo space, on 5th (13th/14th), was listed for rent at $4,000 per month.  This seemed like sad news, as we'd been going there for many years, for photo developing, and ID photos.  The ID pictures taken there have seen our kids change from infant to college student, to independent adult - a lovely line of development. The arc of parental maturity, alas, has been less kind.
I checked by at lunchtime to see if the store was really closing.  Yes, they'll be out by the end of the month, with rent rising and the landlord unwilling to renew the lease.  BUT ... they're not closing the business.  They'll be moving down to the corner of 18th Street (next to Roots), where they'll share space with relatives in the family-owned Accurate Pharmacy, which opened last fall.  
Accurate Photo has been at the current location for twenty-five years, and their sign, with its deleted TV & VCR Repair, reminds us of the change in viewing technology since the 80s, and our increasingly disposable lifestyles. It's still a great business for photo work though - efficient, reasonably priced & exceptionally welcoming.  I'm delighted they've found a new home.

From April 1st:
Accurate Photo Shop
639 5th Avenue.
(718) 832-8899

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