Saturday, February 7, 2015

Passing the Hot Dog Stand

I never tire of the views from the Viaduct.  Even with the Kentile & the Eagle signs gone, the Great Wall of Fourth apartment buildings filling in the avenue, and the knowledge that the landscape you love has fast become a playground for the super-rich, it's still beautiful.  And up here, you still have a sky the larger, newer buildings have stolen from you down below.  It's heaven.  Look at this stretch of 9th between Third & Second alone, with the older, pitched roof houses scattered along the block, and the hot dog stand (antithesis of haute-dog hangouts) with its back-house behind it clearly visible from up high.  The hot dog property has been for sale for a couple of years, for a million and a half, and I nurse a childish pleasure that it hasn't been taken.  A winning lottery ticket might make it mine!  Though I guess something monstrous will emerge in the lot next door, sooner rather than later.

On the block earlier ...

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Carl Douglas said...

Carl Douglas thinks you should move into the hot dog stand.