Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eight Million at 26th

A year or so ago I noticed that the warehouse & retail building at the corner of 26th & Third, home to Safety King & Frame it in Brooklyn, was listed for sale.  I glanced at the CPEX realty site today and saw that the building had sold for $8,250,000, though there are no records online at ACRIS yet. I don't know what the status is in terms of the existing tenants here, but Safety King signed a ten year lease at this address in 2013, and hopefully the well-regarded framing store (in business since 1969) will be sticking around.  The existing square footage of the building is 43,838, but the buildable square footage is almost three times that size -  too tempting a prize, perhaps, to leave alone.

Reading of the sale reminded me how absurdly fond I am of this strip of the expressway corridor, with the Safety King & adult video store mannequins striking poses on one side of Third, and across the avenue, the heaps of cheap fruit & veg at Rossman's, & the mountain of crushed cars in the Junicic scrapyard. All poetry, of sorts. Hell, even the creepy mural outside the halal live market has something to add to the mix.  And of course, the old Dutch Schermerhorn House standing at this very spot almost four hundred years ago.  World upon world upon world.


Ralph I. Lloyd - Brooklyn Visual Gallery 

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