Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Scoop???

Oh & talking of food, I bear (possibly) exciting news concerning Jo, Brian & Joseph's Key Food, the long-shuttered market at Fifth & 12th.  After I was told last month that the store was reopening, I've been noticing workers coming and going, rearranging shelving, and bringing boxes in and out.  The action's looked a little desultory to be honest, though it's hard to see that much what with the papered windows and all.  Anyway, today a worker told me that all problems (sign-off on repairs, landlord issues) are now resolved& that they will be opening SOON, perhaps even NEXT WEEK!  It would be good to have a supermarket back here again, and even better if it were better stocked (fresh produce, please?) and better priced.  We wait & hope.

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