Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lights Out

Certain households can be relied upon to put on a good Christmas show. I'm not talking about the ones in Dyker Heights - where wonderfully crazy high-cost winter wonderlands blaze out into the darkness - but rather the small, reliable, local affairs, where Santas, reindeer, manger scenes appear with satisfying regularity. Where smiling, dependable Frosties have weathered season upon season. One of my favorites is this house on Sixth, where icicles hang from aluminum awnings, and a lovely combo of star, soldiers, stocking & snowman shine out year after year.  It's as nice as any hi-tech blowout extravaganza.  It's nicer.

The house went up for sale last year, & according to the sign, it's now in contract, so this was the last show.  The star's been left up top, and a couple of strings of lights are left dangling, but other decorations, no longer on call, are slouching by a trash bag.   No doubt we'll see a very different display - house, snowman, lights and all - come next December.

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