Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I found another early picture that includes 555 Fifth, the corner building at 15th Street.  This one gives a closer view.  The Brooklyn Eagle photograph (Brooklyn Public Library Brooklyn Collection) is suggested as dating from the 1930's, but with no El on the avenue, I'd guess it was taken a decade later.

And while we're time traveling, here's a picture of 511 (currently for rent) when it was still Eldorado carpets.
I love the grainy old 80's tax photos, taken right around the time I came to New York.  As blurry as thirty year-old memories, with some of the details stubbornly resistant to sharper focus.

If you look at the side of 513 today you can see see faint traces of a sign for Eldorado at the top of the building.

In a shot from 2011, you can see it more a little more clearly

For more on the corner, and a great Anders Goldfarb photograph, read here.

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