Sunday, January 31, 2016

Amazing Variety

At a corner of Fifth a couple of couples were complaining about their Fresh Direct service, but at 542 there was happiness.
We were sad to see the closure of the 99c store last month &equally sorry to hear that across the avenue at 555, Sky Discount was heading for closure.  The owners of Sky were planning a move to Queens, but instead they managed to get the lease for 542, & Amazing Variety opened up there today.  Of course, the previous store was forced out, and of course, the folks from Sky are paying more rent for a smaller place, but that's the way life operates in NY retail.  Harder & harder to survive. Still, Amazing Variety was hopping today, & many, many customers were wishing the owners good luck. The lady next to me in line hugged me, she was so delighted that Sky (as was) is back.
Neither Sky nor Amazing are much on looks - one vinyl awning exchanged for another - but here it's the nature of the business that's the thing.  Plenty of people living round here (despite what the brokers and the neighborhood image-makers would have you believe) are still on a hunt for a day-to-day bargain.
Welcome back!

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