Sunday, January 3, 2016

From the Sublime to ...

Coming up next Month, a seal & wildfowl spotting walk at Sandy Hook  - $5, including snacks & hot drinks (American Littoral Society).  This is just one of the many events sponsored by the Northeast chapter of the Society, giving area residents a chance to visit and help preserve our local marine habitats.  A wonderful organization!

The Way We'll Eat: Tracking the Hottest Food Trends of 2016 (Brooklyn Magazine"Celebrating Brooklyn's Charm, Authenticity & Opportunity")
Hi-Tech Takeout: Seamless is so 2013. Last year, innovative companies absolutely flooded the food delivery space, from the carefully curated Caviar, which works exclusively with top-tier eateries; to the David Chang-financed Maple, a full-stack company, which offers dishes from consulting chefs like Mark Ladner and Brooks Headley; to the super-streamlined Arcade, which allows consumers to order that day’s single restaurant selection (such as noodles from Han Dynasty) simply by texting “yes.” And the market is primed to reach peak saturation next year, with Google, uberEats, and Amazon Prime Now all getting into the game.

And at Union Market (Seventh location) 

The terroir is perfect for the dish.

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