Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At the Museum?

Yesterday I noticed an ad on Loopnet showing the Morbid Anatomy Museum space up for rent, noting three years left on the current lease  The ad has disappeared when I checked back today, so maybe it was just a listing error.  The Museum seems to have become a popular spot on the Gowanus arts scene, though it's still a biggish spot to lease in a hot real estate market.  I really enjoyed the original incarnation of the Museum best - its modest, taxidermy spot at arts center Proteus Gowanus - and enjoyed pretty much everything about Proteus, which had a kind of free-form, intelligent creativity that followed its own path, and never felt in the least in thrall to commercial demands.  To me, Proteus Gowanus was an ideal place to explore, and you always left it feeling inspired.

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