Thursday, January 23, 2014


One of the best business names I've come across on my slowly creeping southward walks towards Sunset Park is on 26th between Fourth & Third:  Kingdom of Distribution Inc. (Deli Supplies, Paper Goods, Plastic & Paper Bags, Party Supplies).  A name to savor, and a tribute to purveyors of important unremarkable goods.  There are many of these kinds of businesses right around here, wherever we are. South Slope, Greenwood Heights, Sunset Park ? - none of the names right, and all of them quite recent in origin.  A woman from the Scandinavian East Coast Museum put me in my place recently, in a brisk but goodhearted tone, by telling me firmly that I lived in South Brooklyn, and I guess we're in a part of it right at this spot, but if you didn't grow up here you'd just sound affected using that name these days.  There's a lot to like on this block, if you try to ignore the Best Western up top.  A mix of frame & brick on the south side.  The Kingdom is on this side, and John Hlad Plumbing & Heating is a couple of doors down, in a building that looks like it could have been brickfaced:

Low lying warehouses make up most of the north side.  Like wholesale sundries, there's nothing fancy about them, but the buildings are handsome in a quiet, serviceable way. Jonden Manufacturing - Jr., Missy, Large Size Sportswear Since 1981 is here, & runs all the way down to Third.

And next to it, a warehouse that once housed Smile Novelty Toys. Notice the bear to the left.

If you look down the block, you'll see of course, expressway, and water, but also a billboard for energy drinks: DrinkSerenity "to help you relax, unwind & stay focused", & SinVitality "for those who do not want the night to end." Looking up the other way, the distant gates of Greenwood hover.

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