Monday, January 13, 2014

Real Estate Monday

A quick couple of real estate listings today.  325 12th Street (Fifth/Sixth) sold for $670,000 a couple of years ago, and the little 16' x 25' house was made over with an extension on two floors. Renovations included an interesting paneled living room.  Last year it went on the market for a stunning $2,150,000, and it sold this month for $1,900,000.  Now that's a hefty price.

And from the Real Estate Monday aesthetics division, a listing far from the usual turf.  A double duplex on Madison street for $785,000 (see center building below). A property "you can turn the key into and move right in." Truly, a "Brick Beauty in Bushwick!"


Anonymous said...

Ohh, would you please link to the last listing? I'm curious about the interior!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Here you go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!