Thursday, January 16, 2014


There's very little housing on this block, and apart from a C-Town at Fourth & and 761 Wines & Liquors at Third, the rest of the south side is light industry: Joseph Campagna & Sons, Quality Pizza & Restaurant Supplies since 1975, Excello Filmpac Shipping & Receiving, and Abastos Mexican food supplies.  Opposite, there's Universal Auto Gallery, a restaurant supply business, & Interstate All Battery Center down by Third, but the northern side is Czestochowa all the way, and ruled by the grandeur of church, rectory and school.  If church & spire on 24th are spirit, the buildings on 25th show the heft and strength of an institution.  Not so much today, with the school closed since '96, but you can imagine how strongly they bound a community together. If you don't know this street, coming across the buildings for the first time is a beautiful surprise.

And now I realize I screwed up. The white house in the picture above is not the one I mentioned yesterday, as that's below the church & this one is above it. This one is a back house, behind a taller frame. You don't see it on 24th. Back houses abound around here, and it's always been a bit of a dream of mine to live in one.
So many small marvels and mysteries in just a street or two. I could walk all day.

In Honor of the Gold-Star Mothers

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