Thursday, January 2, 2014


Here's a small picture of a small house on 23rd Street.  There are lots of small surprises like this tucked away between newer buildings that grew up around them as the centuries passed.  These little houses pull me in.  I like to imagine all they've seen.

This one was sold in 2005 for $125,000 and fixed up, two or three years ago, into this:

Clearly the house needed a serious fix-up, but the new, bland look is not kind to the old place. The house is 725 square feet, and you can see just how small it is next to its much bigger/modestly sized three-storey neighbor.  725 square feet is a good size for a one-bedroom apartment in New York.  A kingdom! 

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Anonymous said...

I am pretty jealous over that little house. My boyfriend and I live in a 400sq ft apartment rather comfortably actually but a 750sq ft mini-home would indeed be a kingdom! We'd miss each other when at opposite ends of the place!