Saturday, June 9, 2018

On Sixth

Midtown has still got a few grubby strips in the 30's. They're one of the things I like best about Midtown.  They're mostly on the side streets, where you could be a couple of decades out of sync, but the avenues have moments too, in between the Starbucks and the Banks of China & the mediocre chain hotels.  Remaindered fabric stores & down-at-heel gift shops linger.  Fragile looking businesses bear names that make you root for their success: Pinkies and Fun Beads and Gossip Accessories - such sweet, hopeful dissonance.  And never forget to look up.  Among the tailors & the loan shops, & the body rubs, next to the Epic barber shop, a vinyl banner for the New York Garden Church beckons. Blessings on them all.

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