Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ansonia Pharmacy Closes

I ran into John Ferrandino at the Post Office yesterday.  Ferrandino, co-owner of Ansonia Chemist, at Seventh & 11th, told me that Ansonia closed last week, after thirty-four years in business.  This is a real loss to the pharmacy's customers, who've appreciated the care and community the staff at Ansonia have dispensed over the decades.  While the chain pharmacies don't help businesses like these, Ansonia has always kept a loyal customer base; it's the insurance and reimbursement payments that put the biggest pressures on small pharmacies today.  Our health care system doesn't just screw the patient, it screws the guy behind the counter too.

I don't get up to Seventh that often - I'm more likely to be on Fifth.  If I do, it's about as far as 8th or so.  The donut diner, the copy shop, the discount fruit & veg, the Italian deli, the pharmacy.  A handful of others too, but these are ones I'm especially fond of.  Apart from Mr Lime, they've been on the avenue long enough to see your kids grow up.  If you're running a fever, or working up a résumé, if you need a nice fat sandwich or a pick-me up breakfast, they're always there for you.  Nothing exotic, just the real stuff that counts.  They're priceless.

Many thanks to owners John, & Dennis Desimone and all the staff that have worked at Ansonia over the years.  You always made us feel better.  Here's to still seeing you around the neighborhood.

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