Saturday, June 30, 2018

City of Wax

This one wins my vote for a good looking company truck: Crusaders Candle Co. ("They Burn Better"). It was parked in front of the Universal Botanica on Fifth.  The company, on Nevins Street, has been around a while.

Established in 1946.
Crusader Candle Co., has been providing quality candles since 1946. Our candle company is a family owned company, providing work for local residents. We try to provide the best quality wax, colors, wick, scents and glass. We are respected in our industry and one of the leaders. You will always know our candles by looking for the Lucky Horseshoe on the bottom of the glass.
Our factory has been blessed with a sign from our Lady of Guadalupe 8 years ago and the company maintains her image to honor her with flowers and candles in our production area.

I wonder how far these candles make their way throughout the city.  Boxed up at Nevins & off they go along the highways & throughout the boroughs to groceries and botanicas, & up apartment stairs to living rooms or bedrooms, finding a sacred space at a corner shrine or a dresser altar space.  So many journeys, so many dreams of salvation.

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Roger_Paw said...

I looked up their website and love the different themes they have for sale. I bet I could find their stuff in some of the local bodegas.