Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Merely to Be

Just a couple of days left to see the Summer of '78 exhibition at the Central Park Arsenal Gallery at Fifth Avenue at 64th Street.  It's worth every second of the hike over.

Look at the images.  Soak in their sun.  Watch our 70's selves. However they group themselves, in laughing crowds, in couples, or daydreaming alone, life is improvisation, and the ragged state of the parks, in full city slump, is no barrier to pleasure.  Summer is always liberation, from school, from clothes, the weekday grind.  Summer on a dime in '78 is even sweeter; even the parks themselves - some identified, others lost in time - have given up on order and responsibility.  Relax, make do, enjoy.  Life's free-form; the landscape reflects a state of mind.  An overgrown meadow in summer haze is a child's Eden.  Untethered from texts and calls and online personas, the body and soul rest purely in the elements.  Who's freer now?

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