Friday, June 8, 2018

Back at 26th

The corner building at Third & 26th Street is up for lease.  This troubles me on at least three levels.

1. The thought that two good businesses, the Safety King workers' equipment store & a longtime picture framing business may be leaving. 2. The wonderful symmetry of Safety King - its mannequin figures clad in helmets, reflective vests and harnesses & ropes - and the ladies en déshabillé over at the 24 hr. X video store on the other corner.  Maybe there were harnesses & ropes there too. I never checked.  I always thought these sets of mannequins should get together - they were made for each other - but now there'll be no fun at all with this sort of idle conjecture.

On a more serious note, 3.  I think I may be the only person in Brooklyn that knows or at least cares that this building, which stretches well up 26th Street, is the slightly truncated 1850's stable for the horse-drawn Brooklyn City Railroad Company, a beautiful old building that really ought to be preserved.  Well actually, I've mentioned its presence online before, and told a few people about it in person, but that still leaves the knowledge & the caring at a minimal level.

The building has been listed for lease before (see top pic., above), and Safety King did stick around, but we'll have to see what happens next.  Nothing's safe any more.  Today the place is getting touted as a great location for an internet cafe (what?), restaurant, "flex space," showroom, bar, or fitness center.

The streets go all prosaic on you block by block.

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