Wednesday, April 4, 2018

On the Water

I always enjoy the views at Hamilton Plaza - all part of that Hamilton to Smith Street infrastructure overload.  A visual assault.  The bridge was up yesterday, and the push tug Sarah Ann was lined up right in front of the open fence. A fine sight. Just why the fence is left open is a good question, but it's good luck for me.  I thought of going beyond its edge to get a better view, and I tested the bank with a cautious foot, but the ground was spongy.  And I've learned my lesson here.  I used to like to hang out at the bottom of the Lowe's parking lot, right about where a section of the bulkhead fell in the canal last May.  I still shudder when I go by there.  I suppose it might be poetic, but I've no desire to end my days in the dark waters.

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