Thursday, April 5, 2018

At the Bank

Some drama at Chase the other Sunday.  There was a turf war of sorts as Connie arrived to find a man in a wheelchair asleep in the bank, spoiling her regular weekend panhandling routine.  Well, I think he was asleep; perhaps he was keeping his head down to try and stay out of trouble. Connie berated the quasi-slumbering figure.  "You can't stay in here.  You have to leave!  I can't talk with you here - there are things I say to people!"  Connie does have a great line in sassy repartee, along with a repertoire of flattery and tart insults.  It's just about the wittiest talk on Fifth, an avenue hardly known for bons mots.

I stayed out of the stand-off, and left with the situation unresolved. I knew who'd win though. I felt a little sorry for the guy in the wheelchair.  It was a cold day, and you could hardly blame him for seeking shelter.  But Connie had a point - this was her Sunday salon, and this was business.  Connie has a loyal group of followers who pop in to use the ATM & slip her a dollar or two, or more.  Many, like me, will drop in anyway, whether we need to take out money or not.  I like a quick chat, and I like to watch her in action.  Still stylish in her seventies, she's tough, and smart & impossibly funny.  No-one works the customers as well as she does, and no-one leaves them in such good spirits.  It's an art.  I'll admit it - I fall for the game always.  I'm in her thrall.

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