Tuesday, June 13, 2017

On 9th

"Flawless Luxury in Gowanus, Brooklyn!
This two bedroom residence will accommodate every apartment seeker in love with clean design and modern elements while keeping to the boot-strap industrial flavor embodied by this neighborhood."
                                                                                                        (203 9th Street - Ideal Properties)

That's certainly a busy Gowanus theme on the side of the building.  I do think it's time to retire the Kentile motif though.  Like countless others, I loved the old sign, and have many pictures of it, in all seasons and weather conditions.  But it's gone, and frankly I'm tired of the commercial fetishization. It's gotten like the logo of a theme park.  How about a substitute?  Bruno (still here!), Eagle Clothes or poor dear Pithicus, untethered by Sandy & never seen again?  Maybe a little expressway action?  There's no end to the possibilities.

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