Monday, June 26, 2017


The auction date got moved to June, with a minimum starting bid of $850,000.  Apparently it's in contract.

With vision and your architect bring this attached single family home back and realize a great return on investment. Located between 5th and 6th Aves. on 15th St. this 1300 sqft home has great potential for a buyer with both the vision and means...
...The lot is 14.25 X 100. With 3 floors (garden, parlor and 2nd floor) and a stand up attic.

"Vision" not once but twice.  I think I lack the acumen insisted here.  For me the word has other connotations.

There's not much in the Eagle archives for 264, but in 1899 next-door twin 262, "a two story and basement frame dwelling," was listed for auction.  It sold for $1,350.  The same address is listed in a WANTED - SITUATIONS - Female advertisement of 1908.

The houses appear on the Bromley & Robinson City of Brooklyn Atlas of 1880.  I don't know the year they were built.

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