Monday, April 24, 2017


I very much enjoy talking to Ronald, who has a regular spot panhandling near the Bagel Hole.  He's both arch and gloomy - a kind of citified, discriminating Eeyore..  At Easter he upped his normal casual game and stepped out in a really sharp suit and tie, and a lady ran across the street to greet him: "Ronald! Is that really you?  You look amazing!"  We're all for the mix-and-match of bargain buys and used clothes paired with something fancy.  We talk dresses (though neither of us wears them as far as I know) and the rakish angle of hats.  I've promised to buy him a London t-shirt when I visit this summer, and though he hardly needs the size he wants it extra large.  He makes me laugh about as much as anyone I come across on Seventh, which is not generally known for drollery and sartorial taste.  He's a charmer.

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