Friday, April 7, 2017


Evening sky on Third Avenue, Thursday

Spring bird migration in the East Village (Laura Goggin Photography)

Meet The Bird Man Of Prospect Park (Village Voice)

Frederick Wiseman: The Filmmaker Who Shows Us Ourselves (NY Times)

Chicken Delicious: A Piano Man of Many Faces, and Some Stranger Stories (NY Times)

Celebrate 150 Years of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with 19th-Century Stereograms (Hyperallergic)

Chelsea Hotel History: View exhibition of Stanley Bard's art collection at Chelsea gallery before mid-May auction (Artnet)

Hunting for treasure at low tide: London's Thames mudlarkers  (BBC)

The grammar vigilante of Bristol (BBC)
For years, it has been rumoured that somebody has been going out late at night, correcting bad punctuation on Bristol shop fronts.
The self-proclaimed "grammar vigilante" goes out undercover in the dead of night correcting street signs and shop fronts where the apostrophes are in the wrong place.

Today, all day, The Billie Holiday Birthday Broadcast on WKCR 

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