Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quiet Time

A few sleepy blocks of 65th, from McDonald to Bay Parkway. It was hot, and dry, and half the stores were closed, as if it were siesta time.  The very stores themselves might have been dreams.

Cupola Samarkanda II, right by the P station.  "Plov was hard and couldn't even eat it."
Pianoland, side by side with the funeral home, & Poseidon Marine Surveys, next door to the storefront St Joasaph Belgarod Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
S & B Intellect tutoring services, and the P.Iuni tailor shop. Both shuttered up, but the tailor's window bearing a slightly hopeful note.
Y.E.S. Driving School!
The Sicilian Soccer and Billiards Renting and Repairs Corp. Say it.
The thrifty convenience of Discount Liquors, right across from Economy Plumbing.
1st New York Business Center - first in some other New York altogether - over the street from the Shampooch Dog Beauty Salon.


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