Wednesday, June 3, 2015

One Less Folded Garment? (No!)


Yesterday I walked past S & S, on 9th, and noticed that the awning had been removed, revealing an older sign underneath.

I also saw that the vertical sign, S & S Cleaners, Est. 1925,  had been taken down.

D of B records show a permit issued for the conversion of the store and second floor office to residential space.

It's sad to see a long-standing business disappearing at this address, with no one at hand to continue the run.  But ninety years is a fine thing. (See below for update)

Here's a John D. Morrell picture (Brooklyn Visual Heritage) from 1960, showing 9th Street south from Sixth.  It's a little unclear, but you can still make out the cleaners, with a windowed office space above it, four buildings in from the corner.

Update: Despite the mysterious & confusing DoB information, the lovely owners assured me that there are NO plans to close the store, and that a new awning would be up soon. This is good news. Just a year younger than the key shop business a block west (there since 1924), S & S is staying put!

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Ken Mac said...

excellent signage!