Friday, April 3, 2015

To the Movie Theater

Along 46th I walk past a mother in fuzzy pyjamas, sandals slapping idly on the sidewalk, reluctant toddler in tow.  The pyjamas are covered in multi-colored day-glo hearts.  A tiny man in black, no bigger than a child, so youthful his beard could be pasted on his chin, hurries past pushing a stroller.  I cross paths with a woman, frail but upright, wearing a camel coat with a fur collar.  I like to think it's fox.  Her face is lined and the skin white & papery, but you can tell she was beautiful once, and she turns and smiles in my direction.  Her eyes are the palest blue.
The sky threatens rain.  I should stop at Fort Hamilton & turn down 45th, but am tempted by the elevated D & New Utrecht, so I walk a short block farther, past the All in Housewares & Kallah Selection to the Alben Triangle.  We're back at the Loews's theater (Regal Furniture) & look, there's the American Association of Crimean Turks.  The Sunny Triangle's a block or two over.

Loew's 46th Street Theater (After the Final Curtain)

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