Sunday, April 5, 2015


All Billie

This week WKCR will be paying its annual birthday tribute to jazz singer Billie Holiday, & this time the tribute will be extra special, as April 7th marks the Lady Day centennial.  The birthday special starts this afternoon, at 2, & runs through Friday.  It includes a 48-hour non-stop broadcast of all things Billie on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Our festival will involve both show-specific programming throughout the week, as well as a 48-hour continuous broadcast on Tuesday, April 7th and Wednesday, April 8th. To begin, the Sunday, April 5th, “Jazz Profiles” (2-7pm) and Monday, April 6th, “Daybreak Express” (5-8:20am), “Out to Lunch” (12-3pm) and “Jazz Alternatives” will consist of "Lady Day 101" programming, featuring some of Holiday's most acclaimed recordings, as well as archived interviews with Lady Day scholars and Holiday herself. The culminating event, the 48-hour broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday, will look at a range of Holiday's work, including pivotal live sets, regional sessions, her small group and big band work, notable band members, and more. The centennial festival will conclude with more show-specific jazz programming on Thursday, April 9th, and Friday, April 10th, with both days’ “Daybreak Express” (5-8:20am), “Out to Lunch” (12-3pm) and “Jazz Alternatives” (6-9pm) focusing on Holiday’s career and featuring interviews with scholars, as well as instrumentalists and vocalists inspired by Holiday.  

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