Friday, April 24, 2015

Pocket Handkerchiefs

Tiny 153 16th Street went on the market this week.  The house (two storey plus basement, around 12' 6" x 26') takes up the whole of the 369 sq.ft. lot.  At back it overlooks a parking lot for condo buildings on 15th & 16th. At the side it directly abuts the entrance to the lot.  This entrance is where 155 once stood.

An 1880 Bromley map shows a row of sixteen wooden houses the size of this one on 16th Street between Fifth & Fourth.  In 1880, apart from these little houses, & four brick houses down towards Fourth, the block was completely empty.  Of the row of wooden houses indicated on the map, it looks like six remain today: 153, 157, 159 & 161, and higher up the block, 181 and 183.

Bromley Atlas of the City of Brooklyn (1880) - NYPL

153 last sold in 2006 for $375,000. It's on the market today for $985,000.  It's a nice-looking tiny house without an inch of outdoor space, & a parking lot for neighbor on two sides, but the listing tactfully omits any details of these location issues.  There are bland two-bedroom condos around here going for considerably more than this.  Who knows what prices mean any more? Is a million (ha ha) a steal?  Up the block, 161 was sold in late 2013 for $450,000 & flipped a few months later for $600,000. Renovations there seems to be stalled.

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