Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Conditions are still deplorable at 545, 553 & 557 46th Street, where for years slumlords have egregiously neglected to maintain their properties and safeguard the welfare of their tenants.  The buildings went into foreclosure in 2011, and again in 2014.  It looks like a note purchaser - Jefferson & 46 Note buyer LLC/ Delshah Capital LLC - stepped in in November '14, though one of the buildings - 553 - was transferred by deed from 553 46th Street Corp. to 553 46th Street LLC for $1,057,520 last month.

Notices hanging out of apartment windows in the buildings today include:

Roof is About to Collapse

6 Months, No Refrigerator No Stove

Elder Abuse

We Need a Safe Home.

Open violations include rotted ceiling joists, defective masonry, illegal & unsafe electrical work, & illegal subdivisions of apartments into SROs.  Unpaid fines have mounted to over $350,000.

What does it take to get these tenants, and others like them safe housing?  When fines do nothing, when conditions imperil the very lives of city residents, when landlords are (as it appears) siphoning gas illegally to save money, resulting in death, destruction & homelessness, maybe we need serious prison time for the worst offenders.

Tenants & Adocates Demand Repairs on Negelected Sunset Park Homes

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