Friday, June 13, 2014

More & More on Fourth

Marathon Day, 2011

The gold-rush continues, and more small-scale multi-families fall by the wayside.  The pace is manic.

Many thanks to a South Slope News post (the 470 Fourth demo) where a commenter mentioned a deal in the works for a twelve-storey high rise development on Fourth Avenue between 15th & 16th Streets (eastern side).  Apparently a parcel of six mid-block brick buildings is being amassed.

This week

ACRIS records reveal three sales in recent months:  553 Fourth for $1,800,000 to 553 4th LLC (February), 547 Fourth for $2,100,000 to 547 4th LLC (March), and 551 Fourth for $1,665,000 to 551 4th LLC (May). If this is definitely a six-building deal, the developers must have failed to secure a much-prized corner.  For the moment, at least, the Uneeda Biscuit sign (The National Soda Cracker) still hovers faintly above 15th.

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