Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heros of Borough Park

Here's a recommendation I got from someone who knows a thing or two about delis.  A little while ago, Robert Cervasio, who along with his brother Vincent ran the late, great Catene's on 9th and Fourth, told me that I should check out Carlos's, at 20th Avenue and 52nd Street in Borough Park.  This is just a hop on the F train to Avenue I, and I'll take any excuse to ride on the elevated tracks along McDonald .  The deli is steps from the station.
Carlos's opened twenty-five years ago, and is now a second-generation operation.  This is a super-friendly joint.  When I was there there were plenty of working guys coming in for lunch, and the phone was ringing steadily for orders.  There's a nice old-school feel to the place, with big catering-sized cans of olives and tomatoes on the shelves, and plenty of snacks and ices.  I liked seeing the rack of Marlow's candies and nuts by the door.  Sour Apricot, Sour Crawlers, JuJu Fish and Strawberry Laces - sugar poetry.
The deli counter at the back is all-business - with some serious sandwich making going on.   During busy periods you might have to wait a little while to get your food, because there's no cutting corners here.  The egg and potato with mozzarella is famously good, along with the chicken parm, but everything looked good, and the bread here is perfect.
Get on the F, and enjoy.

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