Wednesday, June 11, 2014


What exactly is a "21st Century" Library? - Brooklyn Heights Blog, getting awfully cozy with Josh Nachowitz
“If you’re going to visit one branch, I would encourage you to check out the Battery Park City library,” Nachowitz (BPL Vice President for Government and Community Relations) said in a recent sitdown with BHB. “It’s a one-story library with a mezzanine at the base of a condominium tower…. [I]n terms of programming and having a library in a multi-use residential building, it’s exactly what we want to do here—although it’s smaller...   The library is comfortably nestled in the prow of River House, a 31-story residential high-rise designed by David Rockwell. As such, it is an ideal “comp,” to put the matter in real estate terms, for what Nachowitz and his boss, BPL President Linda Johnson, envision as a paradigm of what the Brooklyn Heights branch and, indeed, perhaps more of the “new” Brooklyn Public Library system might look like.

At Juniors Site, Bidders see Brooklyn, Too, as a City of Spires - NY Times
The plans remain tentative. Bidding on the Junior’s property kicks off this week and should conclude by month’s end, but a number of prominent developers are already salivating over the possibilities. If the right firm can buy up the land and air rights for the entire triangular block, it would be quite possible to reach a height as yet unheard-of in Brooklyn.
...In February, Alan Rosen, the third-generation owner of Junior’s, said any deal would have to grant the restaurant a space inside the new building, but on Monday he said that he would consider moving if the price was sweet enough.

Park Slope Medical Office with Lots of FAR Sells for $25,000,000 - Brownstoner
This one (at 35 Fourth) is right next to the Pacific branch of the BPL.  The sale of the branch is currently on hold (thank God), but owning both sites would be a developer's dream.

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