Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lords of the Schoolyard

Ed Hamilton, author of  Legends of the Chelsea Hotel and The Chintz Age, and longtime Chelsea Hotel resident, will be reading from his debut novel, Lords of the Schoolyard, at LES Bluestockings Books and Cafe  (172 Allen Street) this Friday, at 7:00 p.m.  He'll also be reading at Williamsburg bookstore Quimby's on October 12th  at 7:00 pm (536 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn).  Both events are free.

Lords of the Schoolyard is an unflinching depiction of bullying in Suburban America as seen through the eyes of the bullies themselves.

... There are very few books written from the point of view of the bullies themselves.  Why should we care?  Well, Tommy and Johnny, the narrators in Lords of the Schoolyard, are just kids too, after all, and they are capable of becoming decent adults.  What’s more, some of them, perhaps unrepentant, do manage to get into positions of power when they grow up (in fact, we seem to have one in the White House at the moment), so it makes sense to try to understand where they are coming from.   

You can see a trailer for the novel here.

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