Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sandy's: Back this Week

Sandy's Cafe, on 16th just off Fifth, has had a dizzying rotation of management & openings and closings in the last few years.  The cafe is owned by Elia Adames & her husband; it was originally Sandy's Internet Cafe, and run by Elia herself.  I have to admit this was the version of Sandy's I liked the best. The place was smaller then, and it felt more like a living room than a cafe. The food was always good, and I liked stopping to chat with Elia. The latest version of the cafe closed a few weeks ago, and as has often been the case, I feared this was the last we'd see of it.  But there's no such thing as giving up here.  I ran into Elia's husband yesterday (I'm sorry, I didn't get his name), & he said Sandy's will be back open by the end of the week. He and Elia will be running the show, and the place will be open Tuesday through Sunday, with several hot dishes served Thursday through Sunday, and weekend brunches.  And the famous tamales will be back.  I hope this time the business takes off, and that people will show their love for the place, and the wonderful owners, who live locally.  This is what I call neighborhood.


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