Friday, March 10, 2017

Garbage Day

While we're hanging around Third, here's a trip to the Sims Recycling Center - from 2014 :

I went for the close-to-home option for this year's Open House New York visit: off to the Sims Municipal Recycling Center at 29th Street.  This is right behind the Federal Prison, beyond Second Avenue and right on the water.  A grey sort of a day, with a dark sky shot with light.  From this point, the Red Hook Grain Terminal lines right up with the Manhattan skyline. What exhilaration you feel, seeing the familiar from a shifted perspective.

Of course there's the recycling too.  When you're filled up with enough skyline to last you through mile upon mile of regular, day-to-day city walking, you can go and have some fun with trash.

Stairs & cubicles, and nifty conveyor belts, but no activity, so it was hard to imagine how this Heath Robinson wonder actually functioned.  Next door things were simpler.  Mountains of plastic, and paper, and the slow, steady traffic of trucks.

Outside, the weighing of the trucks 

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