Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Nominate a library for an NYC Neighborhood Library Award. I'm going for the wonderful Pacific Branch.

In ‘Housing Works History,’ exploring the intersection of activism and real estate (Curbed)

Gowanus Biker Club May Face Bigger Threat From Real Estate Market Than NYPD (DNAinfo)

At Melody Lanes in Brooklyn, Shoes and Attitude (NY Times)
If her blunt style of cutting through the nonsense comes off as attitude, consider it an initiation for newcomers, with their repetitive questions about rules and rates. Regulars know the drill, and tend to get a warm greeting. In walked a gravedigger from the nearby Green-Wood Cemetery, and soon after, Giovanni Lanzo, the cheery owner of nearby Luigi’s pizza, still in his flour-dusted baker’s whites.

“Marianne can be Marianne, but that’s Marianne,” Mr. Lanzo said. “She comes off rough around the edges and she can blow her top, but once you get to know her, she’s a sweetheart.”

Gowanus Rezoning Must Maintain 'Job-Intensive' Industries, Advocates Say (DNAinfo)

An early film by British film director, Ken Russell.

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