Thursday, July 21, 2016


Architects & landscapers have become the new norm, as the humble frame, appreciated well beyond belief, is sold to be demolished for a new building, or blown up to new height & depth.  At these price points, who keeps a house its original size, or fixes it up themselves?  But the streets still throw up contrasts, and as I walk I love to see the houses that reveal a personal touch.  A little yard, carpeted green, fenced in painted lattice, & canopied with grapevines, outshines a manicured patio with high-end flagstones & low-maintenance shrubs.  A can of paint - scarlet, sun-yellow, or azure - applied to a shutter or a door or a low brick wall, is more beautiful by far than a tasteful teak and glass facade.  A peacock, a butterfly, a plaster Madonna surrounded with a litany of plants and decorative insects, reveal a a pride of place that no amount of money can purchase.

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