Friday, July 22, 2016

Between the Avenues

I always like side streets. South of 34th, between Broadway and Sixth, the costume jewelry and hat stores, the baldly unromantic business names: Top of the Top Shirts Inc., US Jewelry, Wigs, Hairpieces, 100% Human Hair, Go & Go Trading Inc., Classy Jewlry Inc., Euro SOCAP Hair Extensions.  Traders loitering on the sidewalks, fossilized window displays where smudged and scarred ladies (and sometimes gents) address the passers by with sombre expression, or, with eyes averted, hide under veils or the brim of a hat tipped low across their brows.  The sweet, grubby, leftover charms of a city work their magic.


Brian F. said...

I'm not sure why I never see comments on your posts. I think they are extremely thoughtful, perceptive, evocative and at times, quite passionate. I like the range from the big story to the minute observation. As a long ago New Yorker I always feel a connection to your writing, but often feel I'm no longer qualified to comment. Just know that your dedication and generosity of time are vry appreciated. Regards, Brian Formoe

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thanks, Brian! I appreciate your kind words.