Friday, January 16, 2015

Underworld Plaza

Looking down from the 62nd Street Station

I've passed by here plenty of times, but this time I got off the train to dawdle on the platform.  I've always loved the name - perfect for a lingerie store underneath the tracks.  Maybe Eurydice is somewhere inside, getting a fitting from a no-nonsense saleswoman, or maybe there are figures in the shadows of the parking lot, whispering deals on girdles and slips.  Anything might happen here...

Or maybe not.  At wedding planners website Chosson & Kallah, the place is listed as "one stop shopping" for kallahs, though some Yelp reviewers remember the terrors of adolescent visits.

I had nightmares after visiting this place the first time.  Rows and rows of bras.  And underwear. And fat pants.  I had nightmares about suffocating in undergarments...

As a child a visit to Underworld Plaza was traumatizing.  Strangers touching me, feeling me up, estimating size and fit - could there be anything worse for an awkward adolescent?  As an adult I must admit that their selection is remarkable, their salespeople knowledgeable, and their prices more than fair...

Discounted deals abound, apparently, though largely aimed, perhaps, at the matronly customer rather than the fashion-seeker.

Who likes Victoria"s Secret, this store not for You. In store are big selection minimizers,full figure classic bras, night gowns, robs and girdles for discounted prices. I shop in the store few times a year with my girls. Sales ladies are very helpful.

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