Friday, January 2, 2015

Along the Parkway

Even as Brooklyn property prices soar, and the borough's demographics shift, with an influx of wealthy buyers from over the river, and the burgeoning neighborhood expansion of newer immigrant populations, you can still find corridors that time has touched lightly.  Borough Park, bound by its self-contained Orthodox habits, offers an extreme example, and walking there you might think yourself transported back to the 50s.  But even in next-door Dyker Heights, a short stroll along Fort Hamilton Parkway evokes a spirit of earlier days.

The "We Have Lift Chairs" nods to an older clientele.

Some nice hand-painted features on this store-sign.

Classic looping font

Liquor store signs that reference a street location are always good in my book.

Is A to Z, founded in 1984, still an active business?  If so, it's one of a rare breed. Sadly, its name today suggests finality rather than the comprehensive nature of its stock.

As beautiful a storefront as you can imagine.

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