Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sixth & 21st

695-705 6th Avenue, at 6th Avenue & 21st Street, is a bit of a mystery property, with no signs identifying the nature of its business.  Since the sixties it has been home to a medical research laboratory, a ladies' garments manufacturer, and most recently (since the 90s) it has had a C of O to operate as an early childhood daycare center.  But it certainly hasn't been a daycare center in recent years, and there's an open violation for use contrary to C of O. Instead, the site has operated as the Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas, a yeshiva for older students.  The yeshiva keeps a low profile, but there are two other schools operating in Borough Park under the same name.  ACRIS records reveal a contract of sale last April (no money involved) between the Congregation & Yeshiva Machikei Hadas and 695 Realty LLC, and an online search brings up the realty LLC, with an address in Rosedale, Queens.

This is a large & valuable parcel.  Any bets on what will (sooner or later) replace the light industry warehouse/school?

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